Hurtwood School offers world-class education for children. We pride ourselves in the fat list of children we have equipped with top-notch education. We have been in the education system for many years and offer our students the best environment for learning.

Hurtwood School is a boarding school for both girls and boys. We encourage our students to develop a good foundation in learning so that they can acquire confidence and respect as well as meet the needs of society.

We have established our school at a central location to make it easier for the community to gain access to the best educational institution in the country. Our unique educational system has given us a reputation in the country as we have continued to strive to be among the top ranking schools in the country.

It is our objective to continue to contribute to the improvement of learning both in intellects and character. This would allow our students better blend with society while contributing a judicious quota to the development of that community. It is our vision that we give a productive learning environment to the students in our care. We not only concentrate on academics but we have also adopted other learning methods to encourage our students to develop their talents. We encourage our students to take part in our extracurricular activities such as arts, music, drama, and sports.

At Hurtwood, we feel fulfilled in offering quality educational experience hence we are committed to ensuring that we remain front of the pack in child development. We ensure that we hire the right professionals who are able to provide the quality we strive to maintain. Our teachers partner with parents to provide for each student’s needs so as to speed up the learning process.

Our years of experience in the education sector has made us understand what it takes to help students become the best assets in society. We will continue to provide our services to improve the educational system and also to help raise our future talents. We want to make your child the future star!