Our students are provided with the most comfortable boarding houses which are fully equipped to accommodate over two thousand students. Each of our rooms accommodates two students. We have very large hostel facilities for juniors and seniors. Our hostel facility also provides spaces for indoor games like chess and table tennis

We have well-trained staffs at Hurtwood, that looks after the welfare of the children in our care. Our staff comprises of matrons, in-house wardens, and house staff that help to maintain hostels. Our professional staff comprises of academic and non-academic staff that have the same mission with us and are dedicated to ensuring our students are comfortable while they are trained.

Our staffs ensure that the students are under close supervision and monitor the activities going on in our different hostel apartments. They ensure that students feel comfortable and more at home.

We also have a laundry facility in our hostels where students can easily get their clothes cleaned.

Hostel Common Rooms

Our school hostel holds very large reception common rooms that are designed with very unique and beautiful interior. The common rooms are equipped with large LED televisions for all the hostels where students can watch their favorite TV shows and academic programs.


Our dining halls are very large and with luxurious designs. The dining halls are connected to a large kitchen where our kitchen staff prepares meals in the most hygienic conditions. We ensure that we meet up with health standards so that students are fed in a clean and healthy environment.


Our school boarding facility holds a 20-bed clinic where students are attended to by qualified nurses. We have in-house medical experts that are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. We also maintain health insurance facilities for students in case of health emergencies so students can receive the best treatment at the nearest hospital.


We have a large swimming pool facility for our boarding students and they can also engage in other sports activities in the school. Boarding students get access to play games like hockey, basketball, table tennis, football, etc. We give students the opportunity to live a healthy life by keeping fit. Our hostel also has gym facilities where students can engage in various work out programs to maintain healthy living.