Our school has one of the best library facilities in the country that meets up with the standards of top-ranking schools. We have a fully stocked library that occupies three spacious reading rooms.

Science Laboratories

Our students have access to a well-equipped laboratory facility where they are able to get practical lessons on their science courses. We combine teaching with practical knowledge so our students are exposed to broad learning.

We make it a certainty that our students develop knowledge in the areas of science, technology, computing, and other subject areas. Our science facilities are unrivalled as we have made a concerted effort to equip our laboratories with the latest modern science facilities.

Our wide range of laboratories includes:

• Electronics Laboratory

• Physics Laboratories.

• Chemistry Laboratories

• Computer Laboratory

• Language Laboratory

• Biology Laboratories

• Agricultural Science Laboratories

• Nutrition Laboratories

Art Studios and Music Room

Our school is equipped with very spacious art studios and a music room. Students can be able to develop their artistic skills with our drawing boards, throwing wheels and donkey benches. We also have an art gallery where students display their talent. Our music room is equipped with a wide range of musical equipment which students can use.

Field and Games

We want to ensure that our students get the best education and because of that, we ensure that they are very comfortable. We have a large expanse of land which has a beautiful field and lovely scenery. We have equipped our school with the best sports facilities where students can play games like soccer, basketball, tennis, and other outdoor games.


Our classrooms are top notch and the atmosphere is comfortable for learning. Students can sit comfortably on our comfortable desk and chairs. We also have other modern gadgets in our classrooms to improve learning. It is our mission to make give the best to our students and ensure that we meet with the highest standards in the education sector.