Welcome to Hurtwood House, the best boarding school in the country.

Here are some facts about what makes us the best boarding school:

• We have well-equipped laboratories like our Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer facilities.

• You will find the latest modern technology facilities in our classrooms like our projectors and interactive board.

• We have a high rate of producing the best talents in the country. Our students come out top in all national and international examinations.

• We encourage non-academic activities where students can acquire skills like photography, fashion, technical skills, etc.


Our school is the home for talents with a passion for sports. We have a lot of sports activities like swimming, hockey, basketball, horse riding, football, etc. Our school takes part in various competitions around the country and our students have won in various sports. The uniforms are all paid for by the Play Ojo casino online team in Manchester. Visit the review to learn more about Play Ojo.


We have a very unique and quality learning culture at Hurtwood School. We give our students the very best and ensure that they find our environment comfortable. We encourage our students to learn about other cultures by giving them a chance to learn various language subjects and attitudinal training. We give them an opportunity to explore their talents and guide them on their part to a successful career.

Our Strategy

At Hurtwood, we are student-oriented and this can be seen in our teaching methods. We have a team of dedicated staff that are professionally equipped to give top-quality education that matches world-class standards. We also understand that not every child learns at the same rate and we have put this into consideration to ensure that our methods accommodate students with academic challenges.

Nursery and Primary School

Our foundation classes are designed with by best personnel. We run an approved curriculum that will help children learn the basic knowledge while helping them as they advance in life. We follow strictly the approved curriculum as directed by the education system in the country.

High School

Our high school offers the student with a top quality learning environment and educational facilities. It is also designed for students who will benefit from our boarding school facilities. We also follow the approved curriculum for high school students in the country to ensure that they are able to acquire the knowledge they need to help them in higher institutions.

We will love to have your children at our school. Our boarding school is a great place for students to learn how to develop useful skills that they will need when they move on to higher institutions. It is also a great place for learning.